Stating the obvious, so you don't have to
Hi! I will have one Apocalypse, Another Big Bang and a Diet Soda

Where is my Apocalypse? Do I really have to wait until 2012 to see the world end?

Its ok though. In my head Doctor Who will save us all! He will see the world ending (because of human idiocy) and cause the Big Bang part Deux and then the world restart and humans will be smarter and less sucky!

I will help him achieve this and in return he kicks Amy and Rory out(they cause too many problems) and I will be the new companion

We will save the world AGAIN from Daleks, Weeping Angels and the Tea Party

(yea they’re aliens!…suprised?!!! really???) and I will kick River Songs Ass back to the Gamma Forests where she got her name.

Then I will find out I am 1/2 time lord I rule earth with my vast amount of knowledge and smack all the stupid people with my bugs bunny glove and live happily ever after the end!